Mayo Chiki – The Butler Who Got Lost and I, the Chicken (Final?)

Hey minna,
back for the last episode of Mayo Chiki, the summer 2011 series that’s filled the slot of “plot driven with weird characters” in my anime schedule.  Though, I feel this won’t be the last for long, after watching this supposedly “last” episode, I’m rather confused as what’s going on, is the season ending or not?

Either way, episode 12 makes leaps and bounds in many areas for the cast. Jirou finally chases after Subaru to be there for her when she needs him most, and it finally seems like he’s getting a hold of his gynophobia.  Kanade finally seems to be on Jirou’s side (mostly) as I think this is the first episode where the main point of the story wasn’t some trick set up by our villain-in-disguise to make Jirou fall flat on his face, but saved by helping him to grow a little more each episode.

This ending isn’t shy about making the viewer think there’s more to come, I suspect the whole point of the final episode was to say “THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING” (Kanade actually says this, word-for-word) and that there’s much more in store. But, besides getting the S4 and the “Let’s Protect Subaru-sama” groups to work together, the most shocking part was when Usami reveals that she’s figured out Subaru’s secret ( 0.0 ), definitely building up to something interesting for a second season.

There’s still the fact that Subaru hasn’t completed high school, therefore she hasn’t completed the task set by Kanade’s father in order to be a butler.  Jirou hasn’t overcome his gynophobia and (probably most importantly) he and Subaru have yet to become “official”, it’s on-off at best right now, but it’s definitely going to go further.

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Highly anticipating the (almost guaranteed) second season of Mayo Chiki, I NEED to know what happens next! (And what’s with the preview at the end of the “Final” episode? Is that an OVA or something?)

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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