YuruYuri – Our Warm and Fuzzy Overnighter (Final)

Hey minna,
yet another end to another anime series, episode 12 of the Summer 2011 series YuruYuri sets the bar even higher for comedy series, especially ones with a yuri cast full of lovable and adorable characters.  This was honestly the series I had guessed in the beginning of the season that was most likely to get too eechi and one that I would eventually drop…I’m here to say that, fortunately, I WAS WRONG! YuruYuri is a comedy goldmine and I’m happy that I got to enjoy 12 weeks of coming home to settle down and watch the funniest middle schoolers I’ve ever known.

This final episode was a wrap-up from the very beginning, with everyone being gathered together for an overnighter in the clubhouse.  Amusement (hence the “Amusement Club”, I’m guessing) ensues with a contest between the Amusement Club and the Student Council. Contests of smarts, Othello, skill, Gestures, and stamina, “Experiment”.   But that’s just breaking the ice, even more hilarity is brought forth before dinner, when everyone is taking turns in the makeshift baths…poor Akari, even in the final episode she gets tossed aside.

The overnighter turns into a bloodsport after dinner when Kyoko unwittingly gives Chitose chocolate…which turns her into an unstoppable kissing monster, and the only way to end the horror (horror for some, favorite part of the episode for others, namely me) is to tire her out by causing nose bleeds…Kyoko is quick to volunteer her services, of course.

Once the casualties had ceased, the cast settles in for the night and the episode picks back up seconds before Nishigaki-sensee’s alarm goes off, when Akari hits the snooze button and everyone else gets up and goes outside to brush their teeth.  Akari hits the snooze once again, resuming the clock’s countdown…three…two….one…..Akari would’ve surely been missed, if she had actually died. Even in the last episode, Akari can’t get any love.

The animation stayed good throughout the series, but the jokes are what stood out for YuruYuri, I’ll never look at anything yuri the same way again.   If there’s one thing I would’ve changed, I wanted to see the student council president, Rise, more, I feel like she deserved more airtime (maybe just because I think the quiet, kinda mysterious ones are cute, but, whatever).  An overall hilarious series that I’ll probably enjoy again the next time I have free time and nothing new to watch. Highly recommended to anyone who thinks yuri can’t be funny, they will be proven wrong.

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Not gonna have any more YuruYuri Tuesdays, but it was nice while it lasted. I can’t decide, Yui, or Rise….I’ll settle for both (3

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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