Working!! (Season 1)

Hey minna,
just finished marathoning Working!! Season 1, and I’ve got to say, I need to install an emergency phone next to my computer, because I nearly died of laughter.  The comedy is surprisingly fresh, given such a tried-and-true premise.  My satisfaction with this series is nearly doubled by the fact that a second season is soon to start, and, going by the first episode already released, it looks to keep the comedy coming.

The premise of “Working!!” isn’t too complex, rather amazing in it’s simplicity. Takanashi, a high school student is recruited to work part-time at a family restaurant, Wagnaria. There isn’t anything significantly special about this restaurant, except for the staff that runs it.  This motley crew of misfits band together everyday to serve the good people their lunches.  There’s Takanashi, the new waiter who’s about to learn just abnormal these people can be, Taneshima, Takanashi’s sempai who also works as a waitress, but looks like an elementary schooler, despite her age, Inami, the androphobic (afraid of men) waitress who is, more often than not, laying Takanashi out on the floor from fear, Kyoko, the manager, though she rarely does work, Todoroki, completely normal waitress and floor chief…except for carrying around a katana and feeding Kyoko when she’s hungry, Sato, the head chef, typically calm and cool, though sometimes flustered around Todoroki due to his unintentional infatuation with her, Soma, assistant chef who seems to have unending knowledge of every employee at Wagnaria’s, he’s most likely to be where an interesting story is to be heard, Aoi, a stray picked up by the store’s corporate manager and who also lives in the building’s attic, and (finally) Otoo, the corporate manager who is frequently traveling, searching for his lost wife.

If you think the characters are strange, you’d be right, but that’s exactly what helps make this series as funny as it is.  Not to mention, I didn’t even really scratch the surface with those descriptions, each character is deep and multi-faceted (mostly).  Each episode brings a new level of insanity to the restaurant and a higher level of laughter to the viewer.

The animation and character designs are good throughout, and there are a few times where I was on the edge of my seat from the tension. Yes, this series, in fact, has a few good plot and character-development driven episodes that give a bit of substance to chew on, so to speak.

Highly recommended for any comedy enthusiast, or if you just need some relaxing anime to unwind with.  The characters are easy to get attached to and there’s plenty of new content yet to come, with season 2 set to start (regularly) airing October 1st.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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