Mayo Chiki – Nyu!

Hey minna,
here to go over episode 11 of the soon to end summer 2011 series, Mayo Chiki.  It’s the beginning of a new semester for the cast, but, more importantly, it’s the start of a few new things with our trio Jirou, Subaru, and Kanade; not to mention, a twist ending that has me more excited for the final episode than I thought I would be.

“Nya!” opens up with Subaru and Kanade preparing for the new semester, and we see that Kanade has picked up that something is going on between Jirou and Subaru, but is nice enough not to go right to torturing the two to find out the details. Instead, she spikes Subaru’s lunch so she gets drunk (she may not be able to hold her liquor, but she sure is a funny drunk :3 ). Shortly before she starts streaking, Subaru is a breath away from confessing something to Jirou, that is, until she passes out and Jirou takes her to the nurse’s office to rest.

Jirou returns to the classroom to find Kanade afflicted by her one “weakness”, one that causes her to “nya!” (*hiccup*) at the end of her sentences.  As a gentlemen would, Jirou plays off the sound as his own, sparing Kanade until they retreat to the nurse’s office, once again.  Here, Kanade’s true plan comes to light, after dispatching Subaru back the mansion to retrieve “tools” for relieving her hiccups, Kanade pins Jirou to the bed and begins her specialized torture method for extracting information from Jirou about his relationship with Subaru.

Jirou escapes Kanade’s clutches, only to run into Subaru, who made a very speedy run to the mansion and back.  Being disheveled, Subaru wonders what happened… I think, at this point, she knows when Kanade has been molesting Jirou.  But the comedy takes a serious turn when Kanade falls down the stairs, Subaru unable to make the save, and sprains her ankle.  Quickly rushed to the hospital, Subaru is despondent over her failure to serve her mistress, although Kanade plays it down and doesn’t blame Subaru in the slightest. This doesn’t prevent Kanade’s father, however, from firing Subaru, via Subaru’s father, from being Kanade’s butler.  Kanade outrightly rejects this and starts to go to tell off her father, but before she could, Subaru apologizes and runs off, Jirou giving chase.

Jirou catches up to Subaru, and tries to console her, but fails when Subaru pulls (in my opinion) a cheap trick and activates his gynophobia by kissing him on the cheek, thereby rendering Jirou incapacitated.

I’m undecided as to whether I think this series will try to wrap up the story in the final episode, or leave it open for an obvious second season.  The preview definitely leads to think the latter, but the dialogue and title for the final episode ( ) made me think otherwise. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. (These series endings are going to be very tiring, I think.)

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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