YuruYuri – Our Amusement Club

Hey minna,
yet another series coming to a close. This eleventh episode of YuruYuri continues the comedy you know and love, but with a twist. Our gang of girls begin the episode reminiscing of their childhood days, which brings up a theme for the episode, personalities.

As is it turns out, Kyoko used to be a total coward who was always trembling behind Yui (and, to a lesser extent, Akari).  In order to protect her friends from the evil bully, Chinatsu, Yui had to become tough as nails and a born leader (and Akari was there too).  From a comedy standpoint, it’s…better (?) that Kyoko stays they way she’s been throughout the series, being the main driving force for all of the club’s activities.

The twist comes with a surprise when Kyoko seems to have lost her comedic genius after a bump on the head from falling down the stairs.  She takes it so far that the Amusement Club was mere moments from being disbanded (insert *gasp* here).  Fortunately, a second bump on the head set her straight.  But now it’s Akari’s turn, or not. She was quickly restored to her former, background dwelling personality after similarly falling down stairs and gaining a new personality, one that jumps into a room and demands attention, although very annoyingly.

The next episode seems to be an end-all comedy fest, with a nice wrap-up for the characters and a last hooray for the series.  *sighs* It was nice while it lasted.

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(btw, Yui is still my favorite :3 )

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “YuruYuri – Our Amusement Club

  1. Actually finished watching it a few minutes ago. Hard to believe Kyoko was a crybaby and Chinatsu…well, she is still evil deep down, lol. Last epsiode is next week 😦 one the shows amongst few that I actually liked.

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