Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Prayer

Hey minna,
sad to say this is the third to last review of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, and our precious Yune, that meaning one more episode review, and then a series review.  This one was a tear-jerker to say the least, chock full of plot and backstory.  A lot is starting to wrap up, including Claude’s distancing himself from other people.

Episode 11 opens up with Alice inviting Yune to the Grand Magisin, but Yune refuses to go until she has received Claude’s permission. Being that the Grand Magisin is the rival of the Gallery, Claude flatly refuses. But this isn’t a big part of the episode, as it opens up the opportunity for the trio of Yune, Claude, and Oscar (the Magician!) to go on a tour of Paris and a picnic in the park. Yune tries to convince Claude that she no longer wishes to go to the Grand Magisin, though she’s easy to read when you know she’s trying to appease someone else. Being as sharp as she is, Yune picks up that Claude’s aversion has something to do with his father, this will probably be picked up and developed in the final episode.

Yune enjoys a picturesque trip around town and a picnic in the park, until she gets drunk thanks to Oscar (the magician…).  In her haze, Yune begins to reminisce about her sister in Japan, this is when Oscar goes to get some water to sober her up.  Yune later wakes up out of her daze to the sound of church bells, and begins to pray. This confounds Claude, who’s never seen the Japanese traditional prayer, then asks Yune what she prayed for…

Yune prayed for her sister in Japan, and for her health.  This brings up difficult feelings for poor Yune, who believes she wished for her sister’s illness.  Yune’s sister, Shione, spent the early years of Yune’s life caring for her in her sickness, but, as Yune grew stronger, Shione confided in Yune that she no longer wanted to see people, because her eye color scared others, and made their smiles disappear. Yune was the only one Shione saw smile.  Yune proposed that this come true, and said that she should only look at Yune, then she could see her smile and not be sad. This began a funny charade of Shioine pretending to be blind in public, and only seeing Yune smile. Unfortunately, as Yune grew healthier, Shione progressed into true blindness. Yune blames herself and begins to break down in tears at the thought of doing such a thing to her sister.

Oscar (the magician) reappears to find Yune in tears, and tells her what Shione said to him in Japan, that Yune’s wish was the everlasting light in her life, and that she shouldn’t cry because Yune has actually made her sister quite happy. Oscar (the Magician!), what a big softy.

More than just backstory, Oscar also delves into Claude’s problems, defining his fear of getting close to Yune, because Claude is scared of what would happen when the time came for her to leave…

The preview for the final episode is actually taken from a earlier chapter in the manga, but I suspect there’ll be more to see. It’s bittersweet to see a series like this end, but I need to know what happens, and, more importantly, how cute is Yune going to be in the final episode? She was adorable as she ventured the park in this episode, more than one tear will be shed when it ends.

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(A lot of pics this time, my desktop was a mess after I finished watching and taking screenshots, this is actually about half the total amount I took, Yune is just too adorable!)

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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