Mayo Chiki – “I’m Traveling for a While” & “Let’s Eat”

Hey minna,
back to go over episodes 9 and 10 of the summer 2011 series, Mayo Chiki.  Neither, in my opinion, offer much in the way of story or plot, but they both still have their benefits. Though, they’ve left me seriously wondering how this series is going to end. Will it be some big coming together as Jirou overcomes his gynophobia? Or will it be more centered around Subaru and her hidden-gender problem?

Episode 9 follows Jirou and Usami as they work together in a Maid Cafe, a few humorously psuedo-romantic moments are had, but the kick to the episode comes when Kanade enters the restaurant and, as a paying customer, makes Jirou and Usami her personal maids. The awkwardness grows exponentially with the addition of Kureha and Narumi, who are also working temporarily in the cafe.  As expected, Kanade makes a mess of Jirou’s reputation after an accidental “wardrobe malfunction” with Usami renders him unconscious.  Portraying him as a pervert with a maid fetish, Kanade makes quick work with any true ideas the other workers of the cafe may have had of Jirou.

The only nugget of real development in this episode was when Jirou thinks back to what Subaru said during their trip, while under the fireworks (Yes!). But, instead of letting it be a springboard to further development, the writers seem to just play if off with the addition of Subaru’s remark for Jirou to just never mind what she said (ugh….*facepalm*).  I was hoping this wouldn’t happen, it would’ve been a nice place for the series to start to take a serious turn towards, in my opinion, a good ending. But, whatever, we’ll just have to see what happens next, there’s definitely something there, but as to whether or not either Jirou or Subaru realize it yet, I’m not sure.

Episode 10 centers around Kureha’s birthday and, subsequently, her memories of birthdays past. This brings up some deep feelings for her brother, who was, almost, always there for her.  But some resentment arises as well, because on her previous birthday, poor Jirou forgot Kureha’s birthday….and paid a price.  But Jirou shows his true colors and gives Kureha a nice, big polar bear (“white dog”?) plushie, telling himself that he’ll never make that mistake again.  Unfortunately for Jirou, love hurts sometimes. :3

As already said, I’m seriously worried that this series may skimp out in the ending and leave me somewhat disappointed. While it’s not a “staple” class anime to begin with, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a proper ending. I’m just going to have to wait and see.

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