YuruYuri – What in the World Have We Learned on Our School Trip, I Wonder

Hey minna,
back to bust a gut over YuruYuri, a summer 2011 series, episode 10.  This is my must watch comedy for the season, and the newest episode is the best so far.  The comedy starts from the intro and doesn’t seem to let up.  Akari and Chitose get their only screen time for the episode as they, along with Himiwari and Sakurako, become invisible after Akiri’s “lack of presence” rubs off on them. Thus, the episode moves on the real story, the class trip for Yui, Kyoko, Ayano, and Chitose. Kyoto bound.

This is a played out premise in slice-of-life anime, but YuruYuri isn’t about ground-breaking plot, it’s all about the humor.  Of which, there is plenty; between Kyoko’s eagerness to do, well, everything, to fearing for Chitose’s life more and more, the laughs don’t seem to end.

While the story seems to have dropped the whole episode with a fake Akiri and what that was all about, it may have just been a one time joke; this is also possible with the “sister” question raised in episode 1, just a  joke, nothing more serious or in detail.  I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if these questions weren’t answered, so long as the series doesn’t answer one and leave the other.

The comedy stays golden, and the next episode seems to be doing the same.  Not much left for this series this season…maybe Akiri will finally gain presence by the time it’s over.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “YuruYuri – What in the World Have We Learned on Our School Trip, I Wonder

    • Yeah, she was really the driving force behind all the comedy this time (though I don’t think it was fair to bump out Akari and Chinatsu, but Yui was still there, so I’m okay)

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