Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Secrets

Hey minna,
back to gush over Yune some more. Though, this episode seems to make another step away from the east-meets-west theme, using it only to provide some comedic relief and interesting in-betweeners.  The main focus shifts to the relationship of Claude and Camille, two childhood more-than-friends, who seem to be brought back together thanks to Yune. It seems that Camille carries a heavier burden than once thought, a burden that now is brought to light, thanks to our deeper-than-she-appears Japanese sweetheart.

Episode begins, once again, with an invitation to the Blanche house.  The cuteness begins and ends rather quickly with a tea ceremony between Yune and Alice, which ended after Alice got cramped from sitting in traditional Japanese position.  The comedy was very appealing, but the seriousness began with a flashback series of Claude and Camille in their early years. Camille, while she seems to hold a real sense of affection and love toward Claude, knows that the social class system in Paris prevented them from truly being together.  This puts an indelible sense of distance between the two, but Claude lives oblivious to this until he is continually turned down for a venture outside of Camille’s house. He then begins to see that something isn’t quite right.

The truth was that Camille was keeping the burden of a forbidden love (quite profound for her age) a secret; in an agreement with her nannies, Claude could visit, but she herself was not allowed to leave the house, and they wouldn’t reveal this to Camille’s mother.  In effect, Camille decides to shoulder the responsibility and punishment of the whole relationship, then feels jilted when Claude (who didn’t know this) keeps tempting Camille to leave the house with him and do various things (puppet show, see the Gallery, etc.).

At this point, it’s becoming clear how Yune plays into this relationship; Camille sees much of herself in Yune, they both admire Claude and have similar views of societal rules and standards, like corsets and crinolines being like a birdcage to those who wear them. So Camille is able to confide stories of her past to Yune, who is able to reach Claude and explain some of Camille’s inner feelings to him.   This is all very integral if the series is moving towards a general ending where everyone is brought to a mutual understanding thanks to a new character introduced into their lives.

It’s getting down to the wire with Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, the series has been going incredibly strong so far; great animation, beautiful designs, a plot with exceptional depth, and an adorable lead character.  I’m extremely hopeful and confident that this series has everything it needs to end strong, leave viewers warm in their hearts, and it’s all thanks to Yune.

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4 thoughts on “Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Secrets

    • I feel this series will end with more of a warm and fuzzy feeling ending, rather than a hard hitting, blockbuster-type ending. You can kind of think of no Croisee as a bedtime story, lovable characters with faults that get semi-resolved and happy ending to leave the audience satisfied.

  1. The series has been great so far, so I can only expect (well hope in this case) things will end without any problems. Granted their are some things I would like to seen done with the story, but I am more in the mood for a simple ending this time around. The specials (well one that I have watched so far) are turning out to be good.

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