Ro-Kyu-Bu! “Falling in Love with your Bud” & “The Stairs to Reincarnation”

Hey minna,
back to muse over Games 8 and 9 of Ro-Kyu-Bu!, though, at this point, I’m not sure why anyone should bother calling the episodes “games”, there have been maybe three actual games of basketball so far.   I wouldn’t add “basketball” as the premise of this series, it’s got to be around 85% fanservice, underage fanservice at that. There’s something very unsettling about elementary girls in skimpy swimsuits with a innocent-yet-pervy high schooler for a coach.

8 and 9 appear to try to clear up some of Subaru’s misconceived perversions, by making a compelling arguement that he’s only interested in coaching the girls, and, in turn, they’ve re-ignited his love for basketball. The addition of a high schooled-aged love interest for Subaru is also stress-reducing (I was scared this series would end up with Subaru “choosing” one of the five girls…).

But, not before too long, it’s more fanservice, as Aoi and her team take on the girls in a game of basketball (it’s like basketball is the only in the series to provide a common way of deciding things between two groups), everyone clad in the season’s newest swimwear…really?!

The episode’s two minutes of plot development come in as Aoi throws the match after seeing that Subaru really is teaching a lot to these girls and that they need him.  She also moves closer to understanding his position as she offers help to the girls in the middle of the game, even helping Airi overcome her block over being tall.

While the ending is touching and all, the series still strikes me as devoid of a serious story, and I personally don’t like taking the time to go over fanservice.  Since I’m this far into the series, I’ll continue watching, but I probably won’t write on it much other than a final review at the end.

Here’s hoping the final few episodes at least attempt to salvage something respectable out of this series with overly-sexual elementary schoolers.

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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