YuruYuri – I’m Not Scared of this Summer

Hey minna,
back to go over the 9th episode of YuruYuri, “I’m Not Scared of this Summer”. This episode opens up with our four girls exchanging idle chit chat over the subject of scary stuff (this reminds me of Lucky Star for some reason). There really isn’t much point to the dialogue other than to set up for some surprises later on and a few jokes sprinkled in.

The real treat in this episode is the introduction of two new characters, student council president Mise Matsumoto, and science teacher/bombadeer, Nana Nishigaki.  All relevant information about these two, is exactly that, between these two. Mise speaks so softly that Nishigaki-sensee is the only one who can understand her, and for some reason, Mise volunteers to test Nishigaki-sensee’s drugs and experiments. It may just be another yuri joke, but there seems to more than meets the eye with these two. (I, personally, hope not) The yuri content stays at a level where it’s funny when it comes up, but it doesn’t cross the maturity line into eechi or H-rated.

The comedy comes in just before we see Nishigaki-sensee, the four girls flee the sweltering heat of their clubhouse and venture to the student council (with stories of ghosts and spooky things fresh in their minds) and find who? Quiet Mise, of course.  The girls mistake the president for an ominous, school-loving spirit and try to run for their lives, leaving behind Akari, thanking her for her sacrifice…

Logic ensues as Nishigaki, fresh from being banned from the science lab by the principal for causing an explosion (again, apparently), enters into the student council room and begins the plot-devicing of clearing up the details.  The girls aren’t the only ones who had trouble understanding Mise, even Ayano and Chitose are deaf to this quiet leader.

What’s a good ghost story without a twist ending? Turns out, Akari wasn’t at the club meeting, she, along with Sakurako and Himawari, were helping a teacher and busy the whole time. But…then….who was the girl who got left behind when they fled from Mise?

This was a good twist ending, I suspect a new character is involved.  But the promo for the next episode didn’t offer any clues, guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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