YuruYuri – April Fool’s Day

Hey minna,

Back to tell you guys that I’m dropping YuruYuri; the plot is going nowhere, the characters are annoying, and there isn’t a single thing funny about it anymore….if you didn’t read the title, this will come as a shock, but April Fool’s (and I know it’s August).  If you’re still in the dark, episode 8 of the Summer 2011 series starts with Chitose and Ayano in the student council room, passing the time with April Fool’s antics, mostly Chitose’s “lies”. From the unusual, Kyoko smelling Ayano’s shoes, to the extreme, Chitose winning the lottery, everything Chitose says Ayano perceives as a lie. Until the game ends, and Chitose reveals that her only lie was “I’m going to tell lies”….wait, that means, underwear, lottery, shoes, ants, beef, twin?…they’re all true?!?!

Thus sets up the premise for the rest of the episode, Chitose’s twin sister, Chizuru.  First seen in the library by Kyoko and Yui, Chizuru isn’t exactly thrilled to meet them, though Kyoko can’t seem to get enough.  And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for, Chizuru fantasizes just like Chitose!!…only, instead of nose bleeds, Chizuru drools like a waterfall.

The comedy essentially writes itself, and written well, it is.  This is my favorite episode so far (I especially like the Chitose-Chizuru duo, very cute). I also like how the series is keeping to the comedy, with sprinkles of the Yuri tones. I feel this series is setting up for a strong ending, as strong as a comedy series can end, anyway.

(By the way, where’s Akari or Chinatsu? It’s just not the same without them…)

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Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “YuruYuri – April Fool’s Day

  1. Lol, your opening statement had me there for a second. The twin thing however was a surprise, but I guess now the series has a chance at some variety of the jokes using: Chitose x Ayano and Ayano x Kyoko fantasy visions. I still want more Himawari x Sakurako, but I am not complaining if we get more characters. Speaking of which, we get a new one it seems coming up (looked it up on ANN, beware of spoilers though it shows Akari’s sister)

    On that note, Poor Akari and Chinatsu get little screen time. Oh well, not a total lost for me, but still noticeable.

  2. I’ve been suspicious of Akari’s sister since episode 1, here’s hoping it’s not as creepy as it seems. And as for not seeing Akari or Chinatsu, so long as I get to see my Yui, I’m happy :3.

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