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Hey minna,
that time of the week again, to gush over adorable Yune. Taking a look at episode 8 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee.  This episode starts to delve into the relationship between Claude and Camille, while Alice is still trying to steal away precious Yune.  The episode opens up with our duo, Claude and Yune, preparing to go to the Blanche house upon their invitation; for Claude, it’s a courtesy for Alice’s help when Yune was ill, but there definitely is something deeper going on.

Claude’s visit to the Blanche house, and it’s pride and joy, Camille, is a cat and mouse game, almost literally, to say the least.  Claude and Camille were a sort of illegitimate item back in their childhoods, Camille knew that family status prevented them from being together, but still wanted Claude to be with her even after she had married.  The details aren’t clear yet, but I deduce that Claude turned down her offer…

Years later, Camille stills holds this against Claude, but Yune shines once again; as she picks out a dress from their wardrobe, it’s one that doesn’t have too many frills on the sleeves, going back to what Claude told Yune earlier in the series. Camille begins to explain that no matter what you do, Claude would never appreciate the design or decorations, she holds this in spite, but Yune begins to show how this is something she admires in Claude, and that, instead of hating him for it, it’s this fault that makes him unique, or at least, that’s how I see it (Yune is always so unsuspectingly deep, after all).

The episode ends with a very warm and fuzzy song to show the general “opening up” of everyone, thanks to Yune.  I get the inference that the series will generally move towards an ending with which everyone comes to a mutual understanding of one another, thanks to this little girl from a far away land.

The promo for the next episode seems to show even deeper details of Claude and Camille as children; no narration, but the title says a lot, “Secrets”.

What will we learn? How does Yune continue to bring people together? Why do I seem to be more intrigued by Alice? Why can’t next week come sooner?

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6 thoughts on “Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Kid’s Room

  1. This epsiode was really great. Definitely gave more back information through a small exchange between Claude and Camille than I expected (taking into account the symbolic gestures), but the next epsiode should be clearing a lot of it up. Alice’s backstory was really touching. Although, I got sort of scared slightly when Camille told Yune to pick a dress…felt like the atmosphere changed.

    • It’s definitely taking a step toward a more serious plot line, but it should still prove to be one of the better anime of the season (I don’t know what I’ll do when Yune is gone T.T). And the next episode should clear up some lingering questions, and a lot of the details surrounding Claude and Camille’s past.

      • I wasn’t expecting anything concrete as far as the story is related, but good thing it is “appearing” to try to add a little bit more in the story. Hope it does resolve a few details if not does not make any major headway.

      • I think Ikoku is going to be of the “newcomer brings together formerly oppossing people” type, with Yune resolving the relationships between the Claudels and Blanches. Hopefully, the series doesn’t try to cram all the final details into the final episode, and that the last few progressively end the series, I hate it when endings are rushed.

      • Oh, I most definitely hate it when series rush themselves…well, more like directors act as if they can not use prior episodes to flesh out and pave the way for the final episode. But all in good time I suppose. I can certainly see the “newcomer bringing opposing sides together”, but also more like “a newcomers cultural horizon helps mend a different own from her own.” Yours is a better one though, since I lost my train of thought now, lol.

    • The idea that Yune’s cultural differences bring the others together is quite legitimate, though it wouldn’t have much premise if Alice wasn’t already an 18th century otaku :3…But still a common theme for stories.

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