Yuru Yuri – Christmas

Hey minna,

Ring in the holidays with episode 7 of Yuru Yuri, “Christmas”.  Kyoko continues to be the driving force behind most of the cast’s stories, showing up to school a week before Christmas break to set everyone on date according to a lottery.  The ensuing match-ups are both predictable AND interesting; while I had an unwavering belief that Kyoko would be with Chinatsu, I was definitely curious as to who would be with Akari.

Kyoko and Chinatsu – As if it could really end up any other way, but this turned out to  be quite entertaining.  Kyoko continually fails to make a move on Chinatsu in the movie theater (Mirakurun movie, who’d guess?) and doesn’t exactly thrill Chinatsu who wanted to spend the day with Yui-sempai.  Her ambivalence towards Kyoko shifts a bit after receiving a gift she had been looking at earlier in a store window. Perhaps Kyoko is starting to move past herself and start winning over Chinatsu-chan (I wouldn’t put money on Chinatsu switching affections, though).

Yui and Ayano – I, personally, didn’t see this match-up coming, not that it means anything. Their “date” consisted of sitting on a park bench for the day until the other “couples” return.  Aside from the occasional awkward silence, the two mostly null over the in and outs of their relationships with their friends, and when they all return to regroup, they both agree it’s very comforting to see their faces. A very nice look into the inner feelings of these otherwise closed-off characters.

Akari and Chitose – Invisible and nosebleed, I honestly have nothing to say other than it’s their otherwise unassuming qualities that keep me watching; they compliment each other. While this isn’t the most exciting thing to watch, it’s a nice, calm break from the hustle and bustle of the other couples.

Sakurako and Himawari – Rivals, totally expected. This was just more of the two agreeably disagreeing on everything, and then Sakurako gets mad at Himawari’s breasts…….enough said. Fun to watch such a ridiculous “couple’.

The episode continues with the New Year’s escapades of the cast, Akari passes out from Chinatsu’s card, and everyone wishes for a better year ahead (Chinatsu especially wants to go further with Yui, we’ll see about that). The comedy stays good and I appreciate how the series is keeping the format, with only small doses of the yuri content.

The next episode seems to feature April Fool’s Day, let the comedy ensue!!! There also seems to be a development to some of the characters’ families.

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– BeldenOtaku



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