Mayo Chiki – Let’s Start a War!!

Hey minna,

back today to go over Mayo Chiki 6, “Let’s Start a War!!”, and a war it was….if quiz games get your blood boiling. Masamune shows her true colors, and Jirou is another step closer to…not bleeding to death.

The comedy stays top notch going in as all the girls gush over Konoe dressed…normally, though everyone else thinks she’s cross-dressing.  The trouble kicks up as Masamune makes Jirou keep good on his promise to be her boyfriend at the festival, though we also see a glimpse into her inner self, not sure as to what bothers her, but I feel the next few episodes will delve into this.

Masamune’s proposal falls apart quickly after a short bout for Jirou’s company with Konoe, as Nakaru Narumi, head of the “Committee”, disguised in a sheep costume, leads Jirou away from the girls to tell him that Masamune isn’t as she says she is.  Not a moment too soon, Masamune and Konoe reappear.  Masamune confirms Jirou’s suspicions, simply stating “I lied to you from the very start”.

Nakaru sneaks Jirou and Konoe into the battlefield between the S4 and the Committee, and who is MCing this battle, other than…Kanade?! Dressed in an S4 uniform?!  If that doesn’t peak your interest, stop reading, and get a new hobby, because I’m not spoiling anymore.

I will say this, it’s getting more and more clear that Kanade is out to ruin Jirou’s life :3…at least his social life.  How’s he going to deal with this new development, as it seems no one is on his side, except for Konoe and Masamune.

The animation stays good and the plot is riveting half-way through the series. What’s to expect? Just who does Jirou really end up with, romantically? Will Kanade ever stop screwing with him?
let's start a war Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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