Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Crinoline

Hey minna,

Going over Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, episode 6.  This episode sees to be the set up for a backstory, particularly concerning Claude and Alice’s sister, Camille.  (It helps to have read the manga :3 ) Also seen are the continuing differences in culture between what Yune is used to and what France knows as “normal”, furthering the “East meets West” theme.

Alice returns, once again, to the Gallerie du Roys to try and sway Yune to come with her to her house; Yune, to this point, has remained faithful to Claude and Oscar, like a loyal member of the family, but this only drives Alice to try even harder to win her over. Upon arriving at Ensignes du Roy, Alice offers to have a photograph taken with Yune, and then to send it to her family in Japan, playing off Yune’s memories of a photograph taken with her sister.  Claude reluctantly lets Yune go, but Yune insists on finishing her chores in the shop first, as that is her job and responsibility towards the store; Yune politely turns down Alice’s offer to have her maids do it, saying that this is her responsibility, Alice is confused by this, but complies and waits for her to finish the seemingly hard work.

On to the Blanche house, where Yune sees the lengths French women go through for image, including a bird cage-like device called a “crinoline”, used to make dresses fluff out. I say “bird cage” as Yune did, one of the advantages of anime to a writer is the ability to build off the original story, this was an additional subject that wasn’t in the manga (as far as I can remember :3 ), and a very well put idea on Yune’s part. Later, Camille points out that, like a bird cage, the crinoline prevents the wearer from doing certain things, in Yune’s case, petting a kitty. This may be alluding to a theme to be continued later on, tying into the whole “what does freedom mean?” complex that Yune has already tried nulling over.

This episode marks the beginning of more serious plotlines, but the comedy is still well placed and, like a good story, gives the episode more variety and keeps the viewer’s attention. The animation and scenery is still beautiful, it’s with bittersweet remorse that I realize that the series is half over, I’m going to hate seeing this show end. The next episode, going by the preview, seems to involve the young boy seen earlier; if you’ve read the manga, you can guess what happens, if you haven’t, Yune will soon touch your heart with her purity, naivete, and innocence towards others.

I’m especially going to miss Yune, who has given so much moe-ness over these past few weeks.

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Yune was too cute, I couldn’t pick a single photo :3

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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