Yuru Yuri – Art, Arter, Artist

Hey minna,

Back today to go over the Summer 2011 series, Yuru Yuri, episode 6. Recovering a bit from the yuri overload of episode 5, epsiode 6 returns to the more comedic aspects of the series. Akiri just can’t seem to catch a break with the opening intro.

We come upon our group discussing Kyoko’s love story of her and Yui, after being inspired by first-year fan.  Upset that such a story would besmirch her dream of being with Yui, Chinatsu decides to write her own story. This goes over….terribly, with the others, scaring Akiri into a coma. To placate Chinatsu, Yui plays along, trying to hide her fear of Chinatsu’s drawings.

The girls start molding clay (a tactic by Kyoko to move away from Chinatsu’s drawings) and have some fun teasing Akiri’s “plain-ness” and a few disturbing moldings of Chinatsu.  Later, at Yui’s apartment, Chinatsu, dressed as Mirakurun, entertains Yui’s baby sister for the afternoon, who learns how sour that life can be…

The series returns to the comedy I love so much, giving me non-stop laughs. I’m hoping this keeps up, along with the hilarious character designs and additional faces (as seen below). While the yuri is interesting, it’s the comedy that keeps me watching.

Finally, Akiri is unable to present her own special story, any surprised readers out there? When will she catch a break? The promo for the next episode, featuring my favorite so far, Chitose, seems Christmas-y. The comedy will ensue!

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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