Mayo Chiki – Go Out with Me

Hey minna,

here to talk about the latest Mayo Chiki, fifth episode in this Summer 2011 series.  This week, we meet another character, whose as strong as Kureha and almost twice as unstable.  Usami Masamune, second year student and member of the textile arts club (explains how she came to be just as frightening as Jirou’s younger tormentor, I mean, sister).

More importantly, Usami is a member of the infamous S4 (Shooting Star Subaru-Sama), who have vowed to be rid of Jirou for his supposed relationship with Subaru. They’re first encounter, during which Usami almost decided to walk away from a murder, left Jirou flattened on the pavement, luckily, Subaru and Kanade find him and take him to the nurse’s office at school.

After a brief encounter of the awkward kind, Jirou goes in search of Usami, who makes an offer he can’t refuse, or does he? He does at first, the offer being to pretend to be Usami’s boyfriend, and to accompany her to the school festival.  Jirou reluctantly agrees after being blackmailed by a photo taken by Usami on her cellphone the day he and Subaru (dressed like a girl) go on a mock-date, Usami promising to not spread around the photo if he agrees to her offer. She also proposes that the S4 will start to leave Jirou alone if he is seen dating a girl, dispelling rumors of his relationship with Subaru.

We start to see the lengths Jirou is going to to keep Subaru’s secret, but at what cost? In order to pretend to be Usami’s boyfriend, Jirou had to blow off Subaru, who had already been promised to accompany Jirou at the school festival.

From the looks of the preview, it’s seems that a war is brewing, between the S4 and the “Let’s Protect Subaru” faction.  Will Jirou be drawn in, or will Usami’s proposal be correct, and Jirou will spared? I think it’s safe to say that Jirou will most definitely fall to whatever Kanade has planned. We’ll have to wait ’til next week to find out.

mayo chiki 5Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Mayo Chiki – Go Out with Me

  1. Starting to like this show more by ever epsiode than I first did.

    Lol, always safe to say Jirou’s misfortune will some part be due to Kanade. And like Feal, interested in seeing where Nakuru (the catgirl) fits in.

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