Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

Hey minna,
back today to gush over Ikoku Merio no Croisee and our adorable Yune. For a quick recap, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee is the story of young Japanese girl, Yune, brought to Paris, France to learn from the Parisians, as is her wish. So far, Yune has puckered after trying cheese, learned that a daily bath is unheard of in Paris (though stranger viewers probably want to see more…), and that Claude and Oscar will always keep their promises to Yune.

This fifth episode of the Summer 2011 series finds Yune, once again, staring down Claude, much to his disdain, as he works in the shop. After yet another, er, misunderstanding, Yune moves to clean the front of the store, but not until Claude tries to explain the symbol of “Marriane”, god of liberty. After cleaning, Yune begins to ponder her understanding of freedom, does it simply mean not interfering with others, as it seems to her, or is there something more?

Not much time to think before the boy seen previously and in other episodes comes back to the storefront, and Yune, ever the optimist, welcomes in the poor boy. Unfortunately, Yune is shocked when the boy steals a lampstand from the store and makes a run for it. Concerned for Claude’s hard work and the store, Yune gives chase to the boy, hoping to return the lost item. Disappointingly, Yune loses sight of the boy, then becomes lost in the Gallery.

As if that wasn’t frightful enough, Yune is soon encountered by another shop owner, she didn’t know at the time that he was called upon by Claude to find Yune, and she becomes scared and runs away, until meeting back up with Claude.

The episode ends with Yune coming to understand just how valuable she is to Claude and Oscar, more valuable than any item in their shop. This comes as a culture shock at first to Yune, because she is used to putting customers above all else, but she is starting to see why they would think in such a different way.

The animation continues to be stunning and I hope it stays amazing for the rest of the series. The previews show us that Yune is soon to encounter the young lady obsessed with Japanese culture, having already read the manga, I can tell you that this next episode is quite….I won’t spoil anything, you’ll just have to wait.

no Croisee 4Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku




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