Mayo Chiki

Hey minna, happy Friday!

Looking at Episode 4 of the Summer 2011 series, Mayo Chiki, today. The story revolves around the life of a 17 year old young man named Subaru Konoe, who is the butler of one of his classmates, Kanade Suzutsuki. The story has a dramatic turn when a boy named Kinjiro Sakamachi discovers Subaru’s well-protected secret : that “he” is actually a girl.  This series struck me as mature from even before it aired, but the comedy so far is too good to stop watching.  It’s especially funny to watch Jirou deal with all these batty girls.  Aside from the comedy, the plot is fairly compelling as well, as Subaru needs to keep her secret so she can become Kanade’s butler, and now Jirou is dragged into the conspiracy as well.

The latest installment shows some of the aftermath of the “kidnapping” incident shown in Episode 3, Subaru and her father are at odds with each other, and Kanade’s father kicks them out of the house until they can work it out, which leaves Subaru on Jirou’s doorstep in the meantime.

We start to see more of Subaru’s faults, mainly that, while outgoing, she sometimes tries so hard that she forgets the point of what she’s trying to do. After beginning to overcome this, she becomes able to make peace with her father.  Jirou also starts to show his commitment to helping Subaru, while trying to keep from passing out, he promises that he won’t die, because he is “important to [Subaru]”.

Does this mean Jirou and Subaru will become an item? But what about that kiss with Suzutski at the end? I’m not sure, but I do know that we’ll meet a new character next, (well, new to the plot, she’s been in the intro and ending the whole time) and it’ll finally stop irking me to not know what’s up with these additional characters in the opening and ending.

Mayo Chiki

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