Yuru Yuri

Hey minna,

Taking a look at Yuru Yuri, today, after viewing the fourth episode in this Summer 2011 series.  The short and narrow of this series is that it’s the story of four junior high girls that are members of their very own “Amusement Club” that has commandeered the vacated tea club room, and the *ahem* relationships they build with each other.

First off, for the Japanese illiterate (no worries, I’m still learning myself), “yuri” is used to refer to manga containing lesbians. And for the remaining readers who haven’t noticed, both Chinatsu and Kyoko have an *ahem* attraction towards Yui, while the protagonist Akiri struggles to garner any attention, despite being a main character.

Typically, this is something I would avoid as it sounds as if it would quickly cross the line over to eechi, but I must say, the comedic overtones have kept the more mature content to mere fanservice at most, though I crack up and fall out laughing every time Chitose takes off her glasses and has a fantasy.  The overall light-hearted humor isn’t groundbreaking, but still fun to watch at the end of the day.

The animation is good and I enjoy listening to the opening and ending, the character design is also very well done (I especially like Yui, back off Chinatsu and Kyoko!).  I’m definitely looking forward to more episodes, why can’t next week come sooner?

YuruYuriUntil next time,
– BeldenOtaku


4 thoughts on “Yuru Yuri

  1. A very adorable show and number five on my list. Trying to claim my Yui-chan already? Fine as along as I get the two tsun’s: Himawari,and Ohmuro.

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