[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Third review, happy Monday minna!

Today I’ll go over a series from last season, Spring 2011, [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, for brevity’s sake, I’ll stick to “[C]”. [C] is the story of a young college student who gains access and more than he bargains for in a hidden world where select people go to do battle using their futures as collateral.  This is a very original concept, in my opinion, and I was instantly drawn to its uniqueness.  Our main character, Kimimaro Yoga, is your typical dirt poor college student, working two dead-end part-time jobs to try to put himself through college, in a world where economic disaster nearly toppled Japan, entertainment is no longer decided by “do I want to”, but rather “can I afford to”, and, more often than not, Kimimaro can’t.

Kimimaro is first introduced to the financial district by its spokesman of sorts, Masakaki, a mysterious man who conducts and administrates business within the financial district. Reluctant at first, Kimimaro argues that he has no wish for great fortunes, he simply wants to earn enough to live a simple, modest live. He soon finds a large sum of money in his account and contemplates using that money to attend a party with a girl he’s interested in. He then encounters Masakaki again who takes Kimimaro to the financial district, for his first Deal as an Èntre. There, Kimimaro mets his asset, a creature that fights alongside Èntres in Deals and are said to represent their futures, Mysu.

Kimimaro and Mysu, a bit cold to each other at first, grow closer and work better as a team as they continue to fight in Deals, including a fight against Kimimaro’s teacher, where, thereafter, he sees, firsthand, the effects “going bankrupt” in the financial district can have on the real world.  Kimimaro also learns that his estranged father, presumed dead, was also an Èntre. Upset at the thought that his father was only concerned with money, Kimimaro seeks the help of another Èntre, Souichirou Mikuni, who suggests finding something to protect or promote with the money Kimimaro wins.

As the story continues, Kimimaro starts to see the ill effects that the financial district is having on the real world, futures are lost and poverty is becoming rampant.  He unexpectedly “runs into” (essentially kidnapped by) Jennifer Sato, an agent from the International Monetary Fund investigating the financial district.  With her help, Kimimaro begins to grow suspicious of Mikuni’s intentions while learning to “control his Deals” to reduce the impact on the real world.

To save the futures of all of Japan, Kimimaro is drawn into an ultimatum battle between Mikuni and his guild members over whose ideals will save Japan. With the help of Jennifer’s asset, Georges, Kimimaro and Msyu take down Mikuni and his asset, Q, and bring down the Japanese financial district. Kimimaro awakens to a world where futures weren’t gambled away, and Masakaki informs him that the financial district appears where ever there are Deals to be made…

First off, sooo many questions left unanswered, what aspect of Kimimaro’s future did Mysu represent? What about Hanabi? Will there be more deals? If so, will Kimimaro get drawn back in?  A second season is most certainly a possibility with an ending like this, but thankfully, there aren’t too many unanswered questions, just enough to keep the viewer guessing, and, in my opinion, an ending too nicely wrapped up is a bit cliché.

The animation was good quality, although, I can’t help but mention the odd three-dimensional cutscenes, they distracted me so much, mostly because it just didn’t fit in with the rest of series.  And the “english” used by IFC members could’ve been done better.

Fight scenes were very good, watching assets fight is a unique experience in itself, personally, I would’ve liked to see Msyu launch off a few mezzoflations against Kō’s asset, and rather than watch Kimimaro mope around, why not a few more Deals?

An overall excellent series, highly recommended to anyone who likes unique plot lines that explore new concepts and involve supercharged fight scenes.  The ending left me in tears, mostly because I hated seeing a good series end, but there’s hope for a second season, until then, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


Thanks for the read, until next time,


4 thoughts on “[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

  1. Even though it was lacking to me I did enjoy the show.
    There were some questions that were not explained, but I think I am fine with things ending how they did for some odd reason XD

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