Saki 10: Is Nodoka’s chest getting larger?

Groundbreaking…just groundbreaking. Her chest that is. Seriously…how does Saki not live in fear those massive chest-bits? Maybe Nodoka saps the size away from those around her to increase her own bust level. Unfortunately (for Nodoka), there’s not much to sap from with the Achiga team, so they’ll be fine when they reunite, as the scenes with Nodoka dreaming of Ako and Shizu seem to foreshadow.  That’s assuming Teru Miyanaga doesn’t utterly destroy Achiga before Kuro can learn how to hold her own against this monster.

It didn’t really seem like Kuro was playing in the second half, as most of the focus was on Toki attempting to stave off Teru’s monster winning streaks. But no avail, as even her foresight couldn’t prevent victory from simply falling into her hands. And even though the dora is coming to her hand, Kuro is left shaking in her seat as Teru continues to win on her discards.  There’s certainly a lot focus being placed onto this single round, and I’m wondering if the remaining rounds will be as in-depth, or if this encounter with Teru is just being magnified through screen time.

As Toki attempts to see 2 full moves ahead, a skill that’s landed her face-first on the floor in the past, Kuro’s confidence is at an all-time low. Even if either of them could manage to pull off a daring last-minute stop-gap of Teru’s streak, she still leaves her team with a nearly 100,000 point lead over the next team. With Achiga in 3rd, the remaining girls will have to play hard to get over Teru’s monstrous lead. If it weren’t for the short scenes of Nodoka (and her gifted size), I don’t think I’d have any hope of the Achiga girls getting past this semi-final round.

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Hyouka 9: You mean Houtarou hasn’t solved it yet?

Well, this is odd, much like the mystery of Eru’s uncle, the mysterious mystery movie mystery is going into its third episode. Even after hearing the three “amateurs” from the class present their theories, all the Classics Club really has are 3 theories that don’t work and several bases that can’t be ignored. Things like an undisturbed window entrance, the locked door, and restricted planning are just about the only concrete ideas other than the writer’s complete adherence to a perfect mystery setup and conclusion. Although, I like Eru’s approach to the problem, get drunk, it seemed like her magical eyes went haywire before she passed out, perhaps this means something…or maybe it was just fun to watch Eru get plastered. I’m leaning toward the latter.

Following feal87‘s theory, there’s a sense that the class may be using the Classics Club to test out their mystery.  It seems like a simple task to just ask the writer about it, I mean, they did say that she assured the class that all the clues were there. So why bring Houtarou and the rest into this? It’s looking more and more less like filler, and more like an annoying arc. Maybe if someone actually died, then it’d get interesting. At least then there’d probably be more drive to solve the damn thing.

Concerning Hyouka’s overall theme, I can’t quite decide if it’s simply the story of a mystery-solving Classics Club, the high school life and growth of an adolescent male, or if the main focus at the end will be Houtarou and Eru finally getting together. While it certainly seems to contain all three, one should certainly be the major, in my opinion. Eru’s “interest” didn’t seem to hold a lot of enthusiasm, and while Houtarou noticed, he didn’t seem to have much interest in her interest. So now I’m wondering about the third theme and just how relevant it will be at the end of the story. I mean, Houtarou and Eru HAVE to end up together…dont’ they?

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Accel World 10: A Lifetime in Accel World

And apparently Haru can only handle two girls at a time, unfortunately for Chiyuri, Kuro-sempai and Yuniko have both slots filled. (Damn, unintended innuendo…but fitting) With the help of Taku, the 3 prepare to take down the Chrome Disaster rampaging through the Accel World. The perfect opportunity to introduce Haru to The Unlimited Space, a special feature of Accel World without a time limit that only Level 4 and above Burst Linkers can access. With the non-aggression pact, it’s the one of the few remaining was to earn Burst Points, as system run monsters roam the area…but the real prize is in hunting other Burst Linkers.

This is apparently where Kuro and Niku spent a lot of time working towards Level 9 together, and also where a person could easily lose themselves. It’s here that the 4 Burst Linkers plan to hunt down the fifth armor and stop Chrome Disaster. In a shocking turn of events, the Yellow King appears to have set a trap for Black Lotus, Scarlet Rain, and Silver Crow, ambushing them as Haru was flying the group to Ikebukuro. The treachery, while surprising to us viewers, seems obvious to Yukino, obviously some backstory to be revealed.

I’m also interested in the idea of having Taku be a guardian for Chiyuri if she should be able to load the Brain Burst program. It’d help put an end to all this needless relationship strain between Haru, Taku, Kuro, and Chiyu if they all could be Burst Linkers and start focusing on fighting other Burst Linkers…y’know, instead of their relationships.  Not to mention another fighter for the Nega Nebulous would be helpful. It’d also be funny filler when Taku starts training her to fight in Accel World…funny but annoying, like all filler.

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Saki 9: Teru, the “Monstrous” Winning Streak

The first round of the semi-finals and the “monster” mahjong players have come in full force, when we finally get a first-hand look at Teru, the legendary sister of Saki Miyanaga. But not to be taken lightly, Toki also demands attention in the semi-final first round, revealing her power to see turns ahead thanks to a near-death illness. Meanwhile, Teru’s power can only be described as all-seeing and all-knowing, as her command of the table even surpasses Toki’s ability to foresee her moves. Kuro is left in the shadow as the monsters play through the round, only able to occasionally derail one another.

I was expecting something a bit more fearsome playing from Teru, to be honest. The way it was played up, and from what we’ve seen from “lesser” monster players like Miho, Koromo, and Momoko, I was expecting Teru to be able to incite immediate insanity in her opponents. But, instead, she just seems to have a view into each player’s hand and strategies. Though, I guess I can’t complain too much, she DID see through Toki’s future sight, after all. And her streaks seem to expand in power with each passing win, and breaking it only resets it to its starting value.

Kuro is stuck in what seems to be a no-win situation, she just can’t seem to compete with such a see-through skill. Despite how well it’s functioning to bring dora to her hand, there’s no time to build up a winning hand before the monsters end the round in a show of incredible confusion on Kuro’s part.  Honestly, it’s like Achiga isn’t even in this round…maybe she’ll show some new tricks, possibly picked up from their training, on her turn as dealer, which will yield bonuses should she manage to actually play a hand. Hopefully, that glimpse of Etopen is a sign of good things to come for the Achiga girls.

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